EEND 677 Artifact 1 – Parent Newsletter

I’ve chosen to include the parent newsletter I developed during the 677 class.  “Everyone knows that maintaining effective communication between parents and teachers is the key to student success” (Effective Communication, n.d.).  I took this opportunity to learn to use an online newsletter creator, Smore, in order to try a new way of communicating with my parents.  I was very pleased with how easy the program was to use and I was very happy with my final product.  I think it does a great job of updating my parents about what is going on in my classroom, and what they should be expecting their child to be working on.

Creating a Smore newsletter was actually much easier and faster than I expected.  They have many different templates that you can choose from and then it’s just a matter of putting in your own content.  One of the challenging parts of creating this newsletter for me was making something that parents would actually want to look at and read.  I didn’t want my newsletter to be disregarded right away as just more junk. It was difficult to chose something that was catchy and informative all at the same time.  I think that by the end though, my final newsletter hit the mark pretty well.

Now that I’m familiar with making and using online newsletters, it is something I will definitely use more in my classroom.  I can create them and then share them with parents through social media or email very easily. Because Smore offers me the ability to look at who has viewed my newsletter, I can check to see how many people are reading my updates.  I can judge the effectiveness of my newsletters and adjust if needed.

While working through this class, I’ve learned quite a bit about effective parent-teacher communication.  Learning to create my own online newsletter is something that I would never have done on my own. It is such a powerful tool to use for communication with parents that I am extremely grateful that I was exposed to it, and had an opportunity to try it out.   Now, I’m looking forward to figuring out what to include in my next newsletter.


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