EEND 677 Artifact 2 – Video Book Trailer

I have chosen to include my video book trailer as my second artifact for this class.  I’ve included this because I’m extremely proud of what I have created using WeVideo.  This was probably the most challenging part of the class for me.  Before putting this project together, I had very little experience using WeVideo.  I had used it for recording myself, but never for a project like this where I had to use so many different effects and themes.  While it took me quite a while to complete, and it is far from perfect, I’m very happy with how it turned out.

The biggest challenge for me during this project was finding the animation I wanted to use.  I wanted something that would capture people’s attention and keep them interested in the video.  I thought about creating my own animation for the project, but I ended up using already available images.  It was also difficult getting the audio to sync up with the animations the way I wanted, but after some work I was able to figure it out well enough to make it work.  Again, the video is far from perfect, but I think it works well for my first try.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to get my students interested in science, and I want to “create a story in a way that entertains, evokes emotion, and connects them with a wider audience” (Wylie, 2017).  I think making book trailers accomplishes this and is something I could definitely use now that I have some experience with it.  I have a wide variety of science books and stories I’m always trying to get my students to pick up and read, but it is hard to get them interested just by talking about it.  I think making a few video book trailers could really do the trick with some of my students. If they can see what I see when I’m talking about a book, I know some of them will buy in.  I can make the videos and easily post them to my school website. If I can get some of my students to read the books related to topics we’re learning about, I would be thrilled.

Before I took this class, I had never heard of a video book trailer.  I am very happy that I was able to learn something that can be very useful in my classroom.  I’m also very happy that I was forced out of my comfort zone and was exposed to trying something new and different.  I feel like it has really been helping me grow as a teacher. This project in particular has given me the confidence to try to make more videos like this for my students.  Hopefully, it will get my students more interested in the topics I teach. I can’t wait to create another one very soon.


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One thought on “EEND 677 Artifact 2 – Video Book Trailer”

  1. Your book trailer is very well done. Like you, I thought this was challenging at first however I know the next time I create one it will be much easier. The great thing is that students catch on so quickly and easily. I know students would love doing this in class. What a fun way to show what they have learned through reading vs a traditional book report.


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