EEND 676 Artifact 1 – Collaborative Web Tools Rubric

I chose to include my collaborative web tools rubric that I created during the 676 class as my first artifact.  I chose to include this rubric because I feel that it was one of the more useful tools I have created during this program.   Collaboration is something that is extremely important to the learning process. “Collaborative learning teams are said to attain higher level thinking and preserve information for longer times than students working individually” (Clifford, 2018).  Because collaboration is so important, finding digital tools that promote collaboration and evaluating their effectiveness is also extremely important.  I think this rubric that I’ve created is a great first step in deciding whether or not these tools will work for me in the classroom.

The biggest challenge I had in creating this rubric was deciding what criteria were important to me in a digital collaboration tool.  I took some ideas from the article written by Aaron Couch. He said that if the tool is too clunky or too difficult to get started swiftly, it negates the features that make it worthwhile (Couch, 2015).  I kept that in mind when I created my rubric.  I wanted a tool that would be user friendly and easy to use.  I had to spend a lot of time looking at, and researching, different articles and resources to help me find other criteria I wanted to use as well.  This process was by far the most challenging part of creating the rubric.

I can use this rubric in the classroom as a way of choosing what digital tools I want to use with my students.  I can look at this as I try out new and different tools to help me determine if they are worthwhile to use, or if I have a better tool I am using already.  Simply put, I can use this rubric as a way to measure different tools against one another to find the best tool for the job. With the hundreds of tools out there and more being created all the time, a rubric like this will be extremely valuable as I continue to implement these into my classroom.

While taking this class I have learned a great deal about collaborative tools and how to evaluate their effectiveness.  This is a topic that I find to be extremely useful to me as a classroom teacher. Finding new tools and figuring out how best to use them was a major reason I enrolled in this program.  I also learned a great deal from my classmates as I worked through this class. The discussions and ideas that we had throughout the class gave me a lot of insight into how other people use these tools and how I can use them as well.  I very much look forward to using what I have learned during this class in the near future.


Couch, A. (2015, March 05). 10 No-Signup Collaboration Tools You Can Use in 10 Seconds. Retrieved from

Krumrie, P., Sandel, M., Johnson, L., & Clifford, M. (2018, June 28). 20 Collaborative Learning Tips And Strategies For Teachers. Retrieved from



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