EEND 679 Artifact 1 – Digital Badge Pathway

I chose to include my digital badge pathway that I created during the 679 class as my first artifact.  I chose to include this project because I feel that it was one of the more useful tools I have created during this program.   Having clear steps of progression provided for the students is something that I think is very beneficial to their learning. They have clear expectations and know what needs to be done to move to the next step.  “Badges provide the opportunity to assess skills that we do not normally assess in more traditional forms of content based assessment like summative exams and reports” (Parker, n.d.).  I think this pathway that I’ve created is a great first step to incorporating badges in my classroom.

The biggest challenge I had in creating the badge pathway was deciding what steps were necessary to complete in order for the students to reach the final goal I had set for them.  I took some ideas from the article written by Fontichiaro and Elkordy. They said that a teacher should think about “When the student earns the badge, what will it symbolize in terms of what the student has learned and can now do?” (Fontichiaro and Elkordy, 2015).  I tried to keep that in mind when I created my badge pathway.  I wanted specific steps to lead to the next, and I wanted each step to be recognized by a particular badge showing the skills the students had learned.  This process was by far the most challenging part of creating the pathway, but I think it worked out well for me.

I can use this badge pathway in the classroom as a way of helping my students work their way towards a particular learning goal.  The students can look at the badges and see exactly where they stand in terms of their learning process and mastery level. Simply put, I can use the badges as an indicator of student accomplishment and learning in my classroom.

While taking this class I have learned a great deal about digital badges and badge pathways.  This is a topic that I find to be extremely useful to me as a classroom teacher. Finding new tools and figuring out how best to use them was a major reason I enrolled in this program.  I also learned a great deal from my classmates as I worked through this class. The discussions and ideas that we had throughout the class gave me a lot of insight into how other people use these tools and how I can use them as well.  I very much look forward to using what I have learned during this class in the near future.


Fontichiaro, K., & Elkordy, A. (2015, February 26). Chart students’ growth with digital badges. Retrieved July 25, 2018, from
Parker, H. E. (n.d.). Digital Badges as Effective Assessment Tools. Retrieved July 25, 2018, from


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