EEND 681 Artifact 2 – Institutional Technology Plan

For my second artifact, I’ve chosen to include my Institutional Technology Plan.  I spent a lot of time developing this plan and I think the final draft is really well done.  I am very proud of how it turned out and I learned a lot while working on it. It encompasses a lot of different aspects of technology use in schools, all of which I now feel like I have a much better understanding of.  I feel like it is a comprehensive plan that really demonstrates how much I have learned in this class.

One of the biggest challenges in developing this plan was learning about and understanding all the different parts that went into the plan.  Many of the different parts I had never considered before, or in some cases, had even heard of before. One part of the plan that I spent a lot of time considering and thinking about was the technical support plan.  It was really difficult for me to figure out how best to provide tech support to the students and staff. I had so many options and ideas that it was very challenging for me to decide which direction to go. It was something I had not considered before I had to develop this plan, but it helped me a great deal in the end.

This plan is something that is very useful in the classroom, because it shows where the school is headed with its technology usage.  All teachers, students, and staff would be able to look at a plan like this and understand what the main goals of the technology department are, and how we plan to accomplish those goals.  It gives everyone some idea of what they can expect and how they fit into the plan. Most importantly, it provides ways to narrow the digital divide and hopefully encourage more technology use in the classroom.


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