EEND 677 Class Reflection

This was really an interesting class for me.  Much of what we worked on in this class are things I have not really done before.  Sure, I use videos and graphics, but I’ve never thought about just using audio, or creating my own videos.  It was fun for me to do some of these things and figure out how I can use them in my class. I would say that the topic that will stick with me the most is screencasting.  It is something that I thought very little about before, but now that I have learned more about it and have tried it out, it is definitely something I’m going to pursue in my classroom.  I think it is such a great way to get students learning in a different way, and it gives me an opportunity to redesign how I do things in my classroom. I really can’t say enough about the benefits of using screencasting in the classroom, and without enrolling in this program I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

Throughout this entire learning experience, the one thing that I appreciated the most was being able to connect with and learn from my peers.  It was truly an invaluable tool being able to discuss topics and get ideas from other teachers just like me. Many of them were in similar situations as I am, but they still have new and different experiences as well.  I felt that everyone was able to bring something new and different to the discussions, and all of them were able to teach me and help me at some point along the way. I will be using many of the new ideas and techniques that I’ve learned from them, and I’m really grateful to have made these meaningful connections in this class.

I think that I have grown quite a bit as a teacher throughout this experience.  I have tried and done things in this class that I don’t think I would have attempted otherwise.  I’ve already mentioned screencasting. That was quite the experience for me. I’m not too keen on videotaping myself, but it was something I can see the benefits of doing for my students.  If I wasn’t forced to try it in this class, I’m not sure I would have attempted it on my own. Another project that stands out to me was the video book trailer.  I’ve never done anything like this before and it is another topic I probably wouldn’t have given much thought to without being in this class.  Now I can see the benefits of implementing things like this in my class, and I have much more confidence in trying it now than I did when we first started discussing it.  

I will continue to use much of what I’ve learned in this class as I move forward in the program.   I want to develop more multimedia activities for my students to help capture their attention and get them interested in learning.  Overall, I’m very pleased with my experience in this class. I have learned a great deal about many different topics that I will take with me as I progress through the program here at St. Francis.  I hope to build on the foundation I have received in this class, and look forward to incorporating many of the new ideas and strategies in my own classroom.


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One thought on “EEND 677 Class Reflection”

  1. Adam, I totally see your point.
    I actually use screencast with my students who are reluctant to speak in front of class. It helps them learn speaking and presenting skills by utilizing their video recording/audio recording skills. I’ve learned that they have less stress and most go onto presenting in front of class because this activity game them more control.


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