EEND 680 Artifact 1 – Learning Walks

I’ve chosen to include the learning walk feedback form I developed during the 680 class.  I included this because I’m very proud of how it turned out and I think it will be a very useful form that I can use in the future.  I believe strongly in forms like these. I think that administrators popping into a teacher’s classroom twice a year and evaluating them based on those two instances is not very effective.  Administrators have to be in the classroom more often, and it has be be more informal. Those visits should be useful tools for teachers to learn from and grow.  “Teachers benefit by learning to use reflection to increase their knowledge, skills, and performance; strategically aligning classroom instruction to district curriculum; and increasing student learning across grade levels” (Hopkins, 2010).  It should not be seen as a dog and pony show that teachers have to go through in order to be hired back the next year.  That is why I think a form like the one I’ve created can be such a useful tool for administrators, or other staff members, to use on their walk throughs. It is an easy way for them to quickly assess what is happening in the classroom, and it provides topics for discussion later on.  The toughest part of creating this form was determining what I thought was the most important things I would look for in a teacher’s classroom. Technology use, collaboration, the 4 C’s were all pieces that I thought were important enough to be on the form. Other administrators or teachers might think other things should be included as well.  It was hard to create a form that could be filled out quickly, yet look for all the things I wanted the walk through to focus on. In the end, I think I created a form that will work well for me and the aspects of my teaching that I think are the most important.

While working through this class, I’ve learned quite a bit about learning walks.  Things I know I would never have seen or done if I had not taken this class. It is such a powerful tool to use in the classroom that I am extremely grateful that I was exposed to it, and had an opportunity to work through it with my peers in this class.  Without learning from my peers in the discussions, I’m not sure I would have been able to create the form that I have. It would not have occurred to me to include things like the 4 C’s or SAMR before reading through the resources and having those discussions with my classmates.  I am hopeful that I can use this form again in the future.


Walk-Throughs Are On the Move. (2010). Retrieved from



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