EEND 680 Artifact 2 – The Hiring Process

I’ve chosen to include my hiring process interview questions and responses that I developed during the 680 class.  I’ve decided to include these because I felt that this was a very useful exercise for me to prepare for possible interviews in the future.  I am still not completely decided about what my future in technology education looks like. I’m not sure yet whether I want move into more of a technology specialist role, or just continue on with being a classroom teacher.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages for me personally, but I was happy to at least go through a bit of an interview process in case I do decide to make the change in the future.

The most difficult part of this activity for me was trying to come up with good interview questions that would provide me with the information I was looking for.  “The ability to ask the right questions is the single most important skill” (Wagner, 2017).  Until I began this process, I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking for in a technology specialist or what types of questions I should be asking.  I focused on many of the topics we learned about throughout the program like SAMR and the 4 c’s, and tried to think about how someone would incorporate those things into their technology specialist role.  That helped a great deal in figuring out what types of questions I wanted to ask. I relied on the same method when answering my own interview questions. It was certainly a difficult process but I’m happy with the way my questions and answers turned out.

This activity wouldn’t be especially helpful in the classroom, but it would certainly be helpful if I ever decided to apply for a technology specialist role.  I have some really great questions and responses on this document that I can look at and use to help me prepare for a real interview. Not only did I develop my own questions and answers, but two other colleagues added their questions and answers as well.  That provides even more information that can be extremely useful. I enjoy seeing how other people might answer a question differently than me and it gives me a different way of looking at a question.

As I’ve mentioned above, by taking this class I have learned a great deal about the how I might go about answering questions as it relates to the technology specialist role.  This is a topic I wouldn’t have, and couldn’t have done by myself. It was helpful to have the input from my colleagues to help me prepare for an interview down the road. I won’t lie and say that I am now a perfect candidate should the situation arise, but I do feel much more confident in my ability to answer some of the more difficult questions I may face.  I truly feel like what I have put together with the help of my colleagues can really help me in the future. I look forward to seeing what the future may hold for me.


Wagner, T. (2017). Would you hire your own kids? 7 Skills schools should be teaching them. Retrieved from



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